The team B-Human announces the availability of our 2011 code release at

The release comes with a comprehensive team report that explains how to use our code and how it works. The software released is a cleaned-up version of the system we used at RoboCup 2011. However, the behavior has been replaced by a very basic striker that was not part of our original system. Nevertheless, the team report describes the whole system that was used in Istanbul.

Our software is released with its own 3-D simulator and build system. Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS are fully supported.

Please note that our new license has been changed again. All teams that want to use our code in a RoboCup competition have to announce this fact one month prior to that competition in the official SPL mailing list. This is independent from any requirements the TC might come up with for the qualification process.

Have fun…


One Response to B-Human Team Report and Code Release 2011

  1. José Miguel says:

    Hi, Can you help me?
    I’m trying run your code. I’ve compiled it, I’ve sent it to robot, I’ve calibrated the color table and the camera. The robot goes to the ball when he see it. But the robot never kick the ball when he is near of it. The robot turn around the ball but he never kick it. What else I need to do?

    I’d appreciate your help.


    PD: I’m using your coderelease 2010, not 2011.