RoboCup 2014

Robocup 2014

This year the RoboCup 2014 was in João Pessoa (Brazil). In the semi-finals against the future world champion rUNSWift we lost our second game in total. In the 3rd place final we went back to our usual strength and won with 7:0 against UChile.

German Open 2014

German Open 2014

The German Open took place in April 2014. Its the 5th time the German Open were in Magdeburg. In the finals we met again with Nao-Team HTWK, which led to another exciting soccer match. In the end we were victorious which led to our 6th German Open Winner Title.

RoboCup 2013


This year B-Human used the chance to win the world champion title back. The B-Human-Team played a great preliminary round without losing the first place in the group. After reaching the finals, the team won the last game 6:2 against the Nao-Team HTWK and remained world champion again.

German Open 2013

German Open 2013

As in the past years, we have participated in this years German Open too. As before, we won all games with outstanding results. It became exciting in the final match against Nao-Team HTWK, who proved to be evenly matched in the first half. But after half time result of 1:1, we improved in the second half and finished the game with 7:2.

RoboCup 2012


Der RoboCup 2012 was held in Mexico form june 18th to 24th . B-Human performed with a goal difference of 57:11 and sadly had to abandon the field against the Team TT-UT Austin Villa from Texas in the finals. Further information: timetables und results.

GermanOpen 2012

German Open 2012

We have been participating in the 11th RoboCup GermanOpen in Magdeburg. Like in the three years before, B-Human won the competition with a total amount of 55 scored goals and a 8:0 victory in the final match. This years center of development was the selflocalization on a fully symmetric field as of the recent SPL rule changes both goals are now yellow.

RoboCup 2011


The RoboCup 2011 was held in Istanbul, Turkey from july 5th to July 11th. As the first team in the Standard Platform Leaguem B-Human became world champion three times in a row. With an 11:1 win against the Nao Devils Dortmund, B-Human completed the competition with an amazing goal difference of 62:1. More Information can be found here: timetables and results.

GermanOpen 2011


The RoboCup German Open 2011 took place at Messe Magdeburg from March 31, 2011 to April 3, 2011. B-Human was one of the twelve teams playing in the Standard Platform League. The cooperation between the players was in the center of the development in this year, since the size of the teams had just been increased from three robots to four. More Information can be found here.



On the SIMPAR 2010, the 2nd International Conference on Simulation, Modeling and Programming for autonomous robots, our team played a show match against the Darmstadt Dribblers. Hence the reigning world champion in the standard platform league met the reigning world champion in the humanoid kid-size league. The game ended 7:1 for the Darmstadt-Dribblers.

Garden Fair Kaiserslautern


From July 19th to July 25th B-Human played a range of show-matches at the Garden Fair in Kaiserslautern. Games were played every two ours, thrilling the visitors and especially the children. In response to the quantity of positive feedback we decided to offer a german version of this website. For more information about the Garden Fair in Kaiserslautern visit A photo collection can be found in our media section.

RoboCup 2010


The RoboCup 2010 was held at the Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre in Singapore from 19-25 June 2010. B-Human won the SPL competitions and became this year’s world champion with a goal ratio of 65:3. The competition results can be found on the following website:

GermanOpen 2010


B-Human has won the GermanOpen 2010 Standard Platform League (SPL). The team could win every single match of the tournament and finished with a goal ration of 54:2. The event was held in Magdeburg this year form April 15th to April 18th.The competition results can be found at

Cebit 2010


The world’s largest fair for information technology – the CeBIT 2010– took place in Hanover. Therefore B-Human held its training sessions in public from March 2-6. The training ground was a small field at the DFKI booth in exhibition hall 9 of the Future Parc. Games were played every two hours with the naos (2 per team). Our team received a lot of positive feedback on the shows, which became one of the highlights of the exhibition hall 9.

RoboCup 2009


B-Human has won the RoboCup 2009 SPL which took place in Graz from June 29th to July 5th. Our goal ratio in the soccer competition was 64:1. In addition we also reached the first place in the Technical Challenges. The competition results can be found at

GermanOpen 2009


The GermanOpen 2009 took place in Hannover from April 21th to April 25th. B-Human won the tournament with a goal ratio of 27:0. The competition results can be found at

RoboCup 2008


In 2008 the RoboCup competition took place in Suzhou, China. B-Human reached the second group stage and scored four goals in the tournament.

GermanOpen 2008


The GermanOpen took place in Hannover from April 21th to April 25th. B-Human finished 4th in the soccer competition and 3rd in the Technical Challenges competition.


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